Beaufort Three-Century arts projects headed to City Hall

Three art displays that were part of the Beaufort Three-Century project now are headed for some unused space over at the new Beaufort City Hall.

The projects will be on display as part of what the city is calling its "Take Two" exhibit.

The work will be on display Thursday through Feb. 3, with an opening preview from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

An email from Beaufort Mayor Billy Keryserling offers a rundown on the work on display.

  • EXPO
    2011 -
    The Future Form of Beaufort
    is a collaborative design competition originally sponsored by Beaufort County,
    the City of Beaufort, Historic Beaufort Foundation and the Beaufort
    Three-Century Project, challenging designers, architects, and planners to
    explore Beaufort's historic form and interpret what a future form might look
    like on one of three designated sites in the City's historic district. 
    The entries include expertly crafted architectural and site drawings and
    models.   The purpose of EXPO 2011 was to inspire thinking and
    examine concepts of building with regard to a more sustainable future,
    especially in light of the current countywide efforts to rewrite development
    ordinances to focus more on form over use of structures. The participants
    brought a wealth of design expertise and creativity to this project, with each
    of the entries approaching the competition criteria from a different
  • HANDS -
    In celebration of Beaufort's 300th birthday, award winning photographer,
    Sandy Dimke, captured the Hands of over 100 people in Beaufort, doing what they
    love to do or what they do for a living.  It was important for her to
    capture the hopes and dreams of the people who make this city great. 
     Twenty-five of these exceptional photographs and the prose or poetry that
    accompanies each will be on exhibit at The Loft at City Hall.  The
    companion book will also be available for sale at this event.
    is an original portfolio of fine art prints inspired by 300 years of Beaufort's
    history In conjunction with the Beaufort Three-Century Project.  The
    portfolio was created and researched by University of South Carolina Beaufort
    students and faculty. The resulting body of work encompasses a selection of
    topics significant to the development of Beaufort's identity and character.
    Research for the project involved an intimate examination of the Beaufort
    District Collection, site-specific research, consultation with Beaufort
    historians, and countless hours of image development and editorial work.