At long last, a new business going into Beaufort's Firehouse (updated)

Flickr user TheDigitel Beaufort

Updated April 4: The Island Packet has an official report on what's going in at the Firehouse and caught up with the new tenant, Annie Ballance.

Check out the Packet report here.

Reported March 27: It's been a coffee shop. It's been a cooking shop. But no matter what it becomes it always will be Beaufort's Firehouse. 

And it looks like the Firehouse is having some new life breathed into it. We're not basing this solely on the movement we've seen going on inside and outside the historic structure, but also on an e-mail we've received from the new tenant.

Word is a bistro, retail shop and a florist will be opening in there, and that's all the info we have right now — but we'll be updating very soon with more details.

For a bit of history on the historic structure you can check out the City's website along with the Beaufort Three Century Project website. Some of what you'll learn is that the building is brick because after the great fire of 1907 the city passed new construction ordinances, and buildings then were built with brick instead of wood.

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