Lady's Island business feud lands one man with underage sexual exploitation charge

It's a series of events that almost belongs in a TV drama.

A feud over the amount of noise coming through a wall between two Lady's Island businesses has landed one of the owners, 61-year-old David Paul Maschka, with charges that could put him behind bars for 10 years.

In a nutshell, Maschka was peeved that the owners of the the Island Wellness Shoppe on Sea Island Parkway filed a noise complaint. He retaliated by signing the complain-filing owners of the shop up for hundreds of unwanted e-mail messages. 

Police then seized Maschka's electronic devices, investigated to confirm he sent the e-mails, and stumbled on hundreds of pornographic images of underage girls.

That is, of course, a very brief synopsis, head over to The Island Packet's report to delve deeper.

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