About Charleston's Barbados roots

Image by Flickr user Timothy Valentine A sugar cane field on Barbados.

In what I can only hope was a rather adept move to get paid to go on vacation, Stratton Lawrence has penned a nice lengthy article at the Charleston City Paper about the connection between Charleston and Barbados.

You really don't ever hear about just how profound an impact the Bajan culture and systems had upon early Charleston, especially the roots of our plantation systems. So it's nice to see it given a nod and thorough explanation.

Go on and take a read here.

Oh, and there's a number of dismissive remarks on their piece's comments section in regards to Charleston's ties to Barbados. Don't listen to them, though Barbados was far from the only influence on Charleston it was a significant player. -- If memory serves, a rather large portion of the Charles Towne Landing museum is dedicated to the Barbados connection.