The Navy Yard at Noisette Values the Arts

155 Navy Yard and the Arts

Occupying 340 acres of the Noisette community is the Navy Yard at Noisette Development. Created with the intention of becoming the new urban core for the Charleston region. With sustainability as its core principle, the Navy Yard is combining the latest in sustainable infrastructure practices. Unlike a greenfield development, The Navy Yard has an existing, functioning infrastructure in place that will be upgraded and expanded. The redevelopment of existing historic navy structures paired with future buildings, will create a dramatic visual backdrop for the inhabitants. Strong meanings can be derived from the history of the Old Naval Base, and important economic and social engine for the place and region. Its prominence will re-emerge, demonstrating a replicable model for sustainable urban strategies where nature, commerce and habitation establish equity, effectively playing out the Triple Bottom Line concept.

A key to the success of the Navy Yard community lies in promotion of the arts, performance centers and a lively appreciation for history.  These elements add richness and fun to the "Yard" experience, and they attract people with the kind of values and perspective needed to sharpen the project's creative edge.

The Navy Yard is a place that is alive with creativity and attracts all levels of artists.  Just ask any of the 85+ businesses already here.  Clusters of artists, eco-businesses, building/planning types, nonprofits, and digital design firms enjoy a culture built around creativity, diversity and accessibility.

Art can be found everywhere at the Yard.  The architecture art is what usually grabs everyone's attention first.  Although sustainability is a guiding standard for construction quality, innovation is the standard for design.  Beyond preservation of historic structures, there are few constraints to architecture.  The Yard is becoming the Lowcountry's portal to 21st century designs, bringing a world of fresh ideas to residential, commercial, and civic building.  Modern structures are making great neighbors with renovated historic naval buildings all designed to enhance and inspire the lives of those that call them home.

When at the Navy Yard, you experience art in every building and landscape you encounter.  Galleries, art festivals, artists' studios, performance centers, historic memorials to name a few art examples have integrated the Yard to make it a normal part of your everyday experience.  A stroll around Riverfront Park alone, provides ample exposure to the arts through outdoor art competitions, multiple large-scale festivals, Naval Base memorials, and flurishing restaurants.  The park regularly attracts those looking to paint, draw, photograph or simply relax and enjoy the views.  Driving through the Navy Yard, outdoor art is located in street mediums, on building walls, and adjacent to many buildings having their own unique public display of art. Walking through the various buildings which employ over 2,000+ people, you will see works of art on display from some of the most talented local artists, which takes on many forms and provides much inspiration.

The Yard is proud to host annual events such as Kulture Klash, parts of the North Charleston Arts Festival, a wide variety of concerts,and numerous other art related events that attract thousands of attendees each year.  The Yard is also very proud to be a part of the larger 3,000 acre Noisette Community which boasts many more arts related accomplishments that have been carefully woven into the fabric of all that live, work, or play here.

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