Show produced in Mount Pleasant gives viewers the Web's best secrets

We're so busy, we don't even have time to search the internet anymore. Plus, when you live by the beach and in a city full of rooftop bars, who wants to waste their time searching the net for all of the good stuff?

Yet, to keep up with the times, you still need to know the latest international internet trends, where to find the best online fashion stores, ridiculous deals, great new music and most importantly free tools and apps.

So, how do you find the creme da la creme of the web without wasting your time? Well, if you can spare a few minutes every couple of weeks, you can quickly bookmark the best "go-to" sites on the internet by watching The Real i. The web show, produced by Plug, LLC in Mount Pleasant, SC provides you with the latest internet trends and materials to make your time on the internet useful.

If you're a young adult--in your 20's, 30's or 40's and consider yourself modern and hip (or at least want to be) then you'll love The Real i! The Real i is your source for what is hot on the web, in three minutes or less, so you don't have to waste your time searching the net for the good stuff.

Created by host and producer, Melissa McCormick, The Real i scours the net for the best websites, free apps, fashion, music and non-profits. The Real i caters to an international web audience, but because it's produced here in Charleston, the producer is all about featuring unique local businesses with a creative edge!

You can view the show semi-monthly at  You can also sign up for the show newsletter that is e-mailed each time a new episode is released.