Local 'Everyday Art' featured on FAB.com

Photo by vintagemarqueelights.com

Local husband and wife art entrepreneurial team Jerrad and Machel Green see their name in lights on the curated shopping site FAB.com.

Known for their vintage style marquee lights, Everyday Art has been perfecting their craft for a few years now. Crafted to look antique and authentic these marquee lights caught the attention of the boutique curated shop FAB.com. Featured in this week's vintage section on FAB.com, these lights will be on sale in limited selection for only one week.

Everyday Art got it's start from photographing lettering around town and composing the letters into art prints. The Greens gained much notoriety from the success of these prints that lead them to continue their passion for creating art out of found objects. Inspired by the lights of Broadway and Las Vegas, Everyday Art tapped into a common wanting of "seeing your name in lights." Eventually this lead them to hand crafting a process that produces the marquee lettering that is currently being featured in FAB's vintage shop.  

FAB.com pairs the rustic lights nicely with other vintage items for home decor and retired and industrial salvage. In doing so FAB builds a curated shopping experience that complements Everyday Arts style and passion.

According to FAB's website:

Fab exists for one simple reason: To make you smile.

Every day we set out to delight you, inspire you, make you laugh, and give you something to look forward to. We strive to provide the best designed website and apps, selling the best designed products, delivered with the best designed service. We want you to literally LOVE your every interaction with Fab. 

Becoming a member of FAB.com curated shopping world is free and their creative endeavors showcase some inspiring designs. It allows buys to purchase items at a discounted rate not normally found on the sellers website.

If you can't pick up a set of your initials from FAB.com don't worry. Everyday Art just launched a brand new website just for their marquee lettering. You can check that out here. You can also keep up with Everyday Art on Facebook.  

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