Brett McKee leaving Oak, O-ku to open more Roadside Kitchens

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Local restaurateur Brett McKee of Oak Steakhouse and O-Ku has announced he'll be leaving both Charleston culinary hot spots to focus on expanding his Roadside Kitchen ventures.

McKee opened the very first 17 North Roadside Kitchen up Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant last fall, and has since opened a 15 North Roadside Kitchen in Charlotte. The restaurants blend a mix of comfort food and upscale dining together while offering a unique style and menu based on its location and input from diners.

Awhile back the 17 North restaurants received an investment to expand throughout the region.

McKee told to Charleston City Paper that opening Roadside Kitchens has been the most exciting thing he's ever done with his culinary career, so more power to you, Brett.

Hop over to the post in the Charleston City Paper to learn more about McKee's departure.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal spoke with McKee about it last night and had a piece today. Check it out here.

Also, The Post and Courier currently has a brief and is promising a lengthier piece in the morning.

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