Bennett relieved of head coach duties (Update: DeCenzo speaks)

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December 14, 2011: Coastal Carolina University President David DeCenzo sat down with The Sun News editorial board to discuss the details of Bennett's reassignment.

DeCenzo gives a detailed overview of how the decision came to be and how he informed Bennett about it. You can read more on The Sun News website here.

December 12, 2011: Why not terminate Bennett instead of "reassignment"? CCU could be maneuvering around Bennett's golden parachute clause.

If Coastal terminates Bennett now, he would receive all of the remainder of this contract salary. Jeff Zell at WBTW dug deeper and determined this would be upwards of $1.38 million if Bennett is let go before May. He also points out that the parachute gets much smaller if a termination happens after that magic 5-year anniversary. Read more here.

The Sun News also has a lengthy interview with Bennett today. That's here.

December 12, 2011: The Grand Strand Sports Report has an opinion piece from Allen Smothers about the history of the Coastal football program and Bennett's rise in local popularity

Smothers looks back on how Bennett came to be head coach and gives great personal insight on the development of the Coastal Carolina University football program. Read more here.

December 10, 2011: Now that the shockwaves of the announcement have subsided, local media outlets have been able to get a more detailed story.

The reassignment of Bennett had nothing to do with Friday's arrest of Wilson Beaver, a Coastal athletics staffer according to CCU President David DeCenzo. The timing of the announcement had more to do with Bennett getting back into town from a recruiting trip. However, it is likely the arrest stemmed from a thorough fiscal evaluation of the football program. The Carolina Forest Chronicle talks with DeCenzo about ticket sales. Read more. The Sun News has a great more details on the whole situation including Bennett's contract. Read more here.

WPDE posted a late night video of Bennett's reaction to the announcement.

First Report: Just hours after a Coastal Carolina athletics staffer was arrested for embezzling from the university, Coastal Carolina President David DeCenzo called a last minute press conference tonight to announce David Bennett would no longer be head coach of the Chanticleers.

It's not yet been confirmed if these events are related. Grand Strand Sports Report has the official statements and press release from CCU. Read it here. You can also read coverage of the embezzlement story on their site. That's here.

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