Kulture Klash 5: Here's what to expect

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Kulture Klash, Charleston's art and culture explosion of epic proportion is back on Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7.

The first night of Kulture Klash 5 is set to be a laid-back, free artist mingle, and the second night is when all the craziness ensues. We've got the down low on what to expect at the fifth installment, so if you're into surprises, stop reading right now.

Heres the full detailed list of whats going on at Kulture Klash 5 this year:

50+ artists on display: (Scroll below for the full list). Massive amounts of art including canvas, wood, metal, sculpture, fabric, photos, acrylic, bike parts, recycled cardboard, lights, video installations, sand, stuffed animals, glue, nails, found objects, graffiti, collage, print making and so much more then we could ever put down on paper.

Live painting collaboration: A 4 x 30+ foot wall painted live by roughly 15 artists during the 6 hour course of Kulture Klash. Come watch how the artists collaborate, collude and interact, stepping on each others toes and conversely bolstering this massive work. Individual slices of the painting will be for sale after completion.

"Starving Artists" show: The show is exactly as it's named. We have 8 Artists who will be starving themselves (only water/herbal teas) in the event space for 5 days, in order to see how starvation really effects their craft. During the course of the 5 days, each artist is require to create one painting per day. Each artist's paintings must be the same size, medium, subject matter, and degree of difficulty as the day before. This way the spectator can see the difference. Will the artwork suffer? Or does the elimination of food, alcohol, sugar, refine their talents?

Improv spoken word side stage: This will be a side room complete with couches and a small stage were we are encouraging audience participation, poems on the fly and poetry "battles" for those who are up to the challenge. Hosted by local word master and celebrity poet Marcus Amaker. The completed Starving Artist exhibit will be on display in the background.

Chain Ring Circus: Celebrate the art of cycling with bike polo matches, bike dancing, slow bike races, bike art, bike movies and general bike enthusiasm. We encourage cyclist to pedal to the event and enjoy the free bike valet hosted by Holy City Bike Co-op.

Photo repository depot by Sully Sullivan: Weird props, backdrops and cut outs. Make some memories... you can even get your grubby hands on the photos you posed for. Sully has a fancy printer. Booyah.

"Hand of Character" booth hosted by Pure Theatre: Rodney Lee Rogers directs a interactive character play incorporating the audience as key players. Channel your inner thespian and make your move.

The midnight room: Just have to wait and see...

Modern dance: The Power Company will be performing two separate dance pieces choreographed by Marcy Jo Yonkey-Clayton. They will be dabbling with the curiosity of watching and being watched plus a second performance about pushing the boundaries of property lines and personal space.

Live music: Dante's Camaro - "Rising up from the ashes comes the fastest, dirtiest, most maniacal menagerie or mangled metal the world has yet known!! Riding down the highway to HELL and destroying every bottle of booze in its path, the band that no one wanted to cross will not disappoint."

Short Shorts - "Sounds like robots... doin' it. We met in chemistry lab. We brought out lab coats. We made a concoction. We built a monster. We are Short Shorts."

The V-Tones - "Sometimes known as a quaint duo, other times a sizzling sextet. We craft our shows to fit the moment so no performance is ever the same. Also known as Charleston's only ukulele hot club jub band vaudeville ragtime neo-retro-postpostmodern quasi-primetime anachronistic revolutionary anti-inflammatory mass catharsis jazz freakout and philharmonic group therapy session."

Plus many more booty shakin' sets by DJ Stella, The Bubble Gut Brothers, Righchus, DJ Jeff ET, Danny Seltzer and DJ Belk.

Drink: Enjoy a cold, delicious beer from New Belgium Brewery or a smooth glass of hand selected wine by Social Wine Bar. We have chosen 2 whites and 2 reds for a larger selection. There will be ample non-alcoholic bevs available.

Eat: Snack on killer hand-tossed pizza baked on site by the boys from D'allesandro's or get your spice on with some Asian/African infusion from the Street Food cart.
Shuttle: $5 shuttles from downtown, James Island and West Ashley.

We promise: quicker lines, more well lit potties, sweeter security, cold water, plenty of places to sit, more drink ticket stations, an ATM on site, and really fantastic beer and wine. As always, lots of last minute additions to keep you on your toes.

Tickets are on sale around town at Artist & Craftsman, Scoop Studio, 52.5 Records, and D’allesandro’s. If you need instant gratification, just buy them online.

The party goes down in the old Lowcountry Food Bank located at 1635 Cosgrove Avenue Extension in the Navy Yard at Noisette.

Update November 6: Preview also has a nice overview of the festival; read it here.