New Music Collective presents Silent Music: 4’33” and Beyond VI

Image by Flickr user 5150photo

Curated by composers Jason Brogan and Samuel Sfirri, New Music Collective's Silent Music: 4'33'' and Beyond continues with the third concert in its second season, further exploring the use and definition of silence in contemporary chamber music.

Pianist Sam Sfirri will perform an intimate concert of music for solo piano, exploring the multifarious influence of John Cage's 4'33'' on contemporary music by composers Antoine Beuger, Jason Brogan, Jennie Gottschalk, Johnny Herbert, John Lely and Taylan Susam. The program also features Howard Skempton's rarely-performed Snow Piece from 1968.

This concert will be held at the home of a local composer in the style of Parlor shows of the past. It’s an intimate way to hear this music, and more comfortable than a concert hall, in the NMC's opinion.

The show will be held at 31 Society Street, October 25th, at 8 p.m.