Once again, First Fridays comes to Broad Street

On the first Friday of each month a Gallery Row on Historic Broad holds an art walk replete with refreshments, socializing, and, of course, art.

This month's First Fridays is titled "Heat Relief 'Chill Out on Broad'." Here's some info from their Web site:
Join in the fun Friday August 1st on Gallery Row, Historic Broad St.

Wonderful Art and Receptions.
Discover "Who is Edward Dare?"
Meet the exclusive Lionel train Artsit Anglea Trott Thomas.
Find a "real " Charleston Privvy hidden in one of our gardens.
Enjoy a cool, Italian Ice at a great price!
Be sure to visit all the galleries, shops and boutiques on Gallery Row !

Who is Edward Dare by Douglas Grier
Who is Edward Dare by Douglas GrierIs this the real Edward Dare?The event runs, you guessed it, Friday, August 1 from 5-7 p.m., on, yep, Broad Street.

The event highlights the Edward Dare Gallery, and allows guests to guess which artwork represents the is the real Edward Dare. A winner will be drawn at the end of the month.

The Post and Courier has lots of info on the specifics of the art walk.