Big box retail hhgregg opens Saturday

Image by Flickr user maradaImage by 20081002hhgregg.jpg Mmmm. Shinny consumer goods.

Indiana-rooted big box electronics and appliance dealer hhgregg is opening it's first store in the Lowcountry and sixth in South Carolina on Saturday, October 4.

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The new store is located off Rivers Avenue at 2150 Morris Baker Boulevard.

Though I doubt the company will like me much for saying it, think of hhgregg as similar to Best Buy or Circuit City.

The Post and Courier says while the store is opening Saturday, the grand opening will officially be on Thursday, October 9. But I'm betting there'll still be great deals either day.

The paper also has some analysis on how hhgregg is expanding while Circuit City is scaling back. An interesting business move for sure.

Get lots of facts and figures at their corporate Web site.