Charleston Waterkeeper celebrates Clean Water Act; launches 4 week fundraiser

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October 18th marked the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the first legislation of its kind designed to regulate pollutants at their source and protect U.S. waterways. Since its creation, the Clean Water Act has facilitated significant success in improving the quality of our nation’s waterways. The Clean Water Act provides Charleston Waterkeeper and the public-at-large with the tools needed to work to protect the public’s right to clean water.

In recognition of the Clean Water Act’s 40th anniversary, and Charleston Waterkeeper’s fourth anniversary, CWK is launching a new initiative, GIVE 444. The GIVE 444 initiative is a community outreach campaign aimed at educating the public on their right to clean water and the issues impacting this right, as well as raising funds to support Charleston Waterkeeper programs.

Over the next 30 days, Charleston Waterkeeper will highlight Lowcountry activities such as surfing and fishing that are protected under the Clean Water Act’s goal of establishing all waters as “fishable/swimmable.” Also throughout the campaign, CWK will release a detailed report and information which analyzes the current conditions of Charleston's waterways while also recognizing the progress Charleston has made in improving and protecting the quality of this valuable resource.

Charleston Waterkeeper has set a fundraising goal with GIVE 444 of gaining 400 donors to each contribute $40 over the next four weeks. These funds will directly support Charleston Waterkeeper’s programs designed to identify and address water pollution issues throughout the Charleston Harbor watershed.

Cyrus Buffum, executive director of Charleston Waterkeeper says of the campaign, "We’ve come a long way since the Clean Water Act was passed, but in order to continue protecting and improving the quality of our waterways, we must first enjoy, celebrate and learn to appreciate our right to clean water." The 30 day campaign will conclude with the Second Annual Great Oyster Point Runoff on November 17, 2012, at Colonial Lake. For more information, visit

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