New sunscreen labels will offer more info on UVA, UVB protection

Image by Flickr user SVTHERLAND

It's no secret that Charleston is known for being a beach town, and within beach culture, there are always some pretty vicious sunburns.

Sure, you're SPF 8 might get your a deep, even tan, but is it really doing you any good?

In a long-overdue effort to educate consumers on just how protective their sunscreens actually are, the FDA has announce that next summer, a new set of rules will be instated for all sunscreen labels.

Starting next summer, sunscreen manufacturers will have new labels that will help consumers know if they are getting sun cancer protection and not just sunburn protection.  And with new rules will come new SPF numbers

ABC New 4 has a both a video and a detailed post on the upcoming label changes; check 'em out.

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