Myrtle Beach branding agency continues to get national exposure, recognition

Courtesy photo from Motto
We suspect Motto founder Sunny Bonnell is quite comfortable with their low local profile.

Only those that follow the marketing and design industries might have a clue about the cool-yet-edgy branding agency nestled just off 501 simply called Motto. It's possible they are better known on a national, rather than local, level. 

For example, just today MSN's Business on Main blog tapped Motto for some quick insight on storytelling, marketing and branding. That's here. But the attention is no big deal for Motto. Since 2005, they've done a great job of getting national exposure. In 2010, they made it on to Inc's 30 Under 30 List which got them a mention on the HOW Magazine Blog as well. 

Their portfolio of work is rooted in a strong design sense that revolves around a constant consideration for branding. Their work is as diverse as their client list and then there's that amazingly chic office. If you want to learn more, they do a great job of keeping their social media presence interesting without being annoying. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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