Private investigator's car seized by police, lawsuit ensues (updated x4)

Update October 14, final update:

The Post and Courier has a few details on the settlement, but the terms are being kept largely private.

Read the piece over here.

Still somewhat surprising to not see the paper address the possibility of a conflict of interest in the reporting on the matter.

First reporting:

The Katherine Waring case has taken an interesting side twist after the private investigator that found her body has had his car seized.

The Post and Courier has the story and details on when the case will be heard and when the memorial service for Waring will be.

Update, October 13, 7:30 a.m.:

NBC News 2 will be at the hearing that starts at 9 a.m. We can probably expect some sort of coverage to appear on their Web site or one of their Twitter accounts. -- The TV station has a widget that aggregates all of their Twitter feeds on this page

Update October 13, 10:40 a.m.:

After a 45 minute deliberation behind closed doors this morning, action on Savage's suit has been postponed indefinitely (note: the story appears to have been taken down.)

Update October 13, 1:40 p.m.: Live 5 News reports that a deal has been reached; read about it here.

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