Tonight's full moon will be the biggest in 20 years (update: photos)

Update March 20, photos: As you might expect, the moon drew many shutter snaps.

My favorite (thus far) comes from Post and Courier photographer Alan Hawes, who did a good job capturing the size illusion by snapping the moon behind the Cooper River Bridge; check it out here.

Meanwhile, photographer Joseph Nienstedt headed to Folly Beach and has the moon above a water and palm backdrop; see his shots here.

First reporting: Stop and take an extra minute to look at tonight's full moon, because it will be the largest one you've seen in almost 20 years.

It's actually called a super "perigee moon," and the last time it occurred was March 1993 (yes, it's hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago). We won't see the next one until 2029.

For more on this, head on over to CNN for a brief writeup on the hows and whys, not that scientists really understand how or why — or just check out the video up top.

If you want a much more scientific explanation, then head on over to NASA.

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