WRNN looking for new on-air talent via CraigsList

Flickr User: martinkrolikowski

Have you ever listened to the radio and said, "I can do that." Well here's your chance.

WRNN recently lost conservative talker Tara Servatius to WTMA radio in Charleston leaving Dave Priest and Pat Taylor to fend for themselves. However, it looks like Tara's seat might not be vacant for much longer as WRNN is looking to fill the void and one of the ways they are advertising their desire for new on-air talent is through CraigsList

WRNN's post reads in part:

If you're a spellbinding storyteller, take an interest in your local community and the world and can make your listeners feel like welcome neighbors, we'd like to hear from you [...] We need an authentic personality with original thought, sharp mind, sense of humor, and powerful storytelling abilities. Must Play Well With Others.

WRNN is currently accepting demos and resumes, for more info hop on over to their CraigsList post.