South Carolina could push to raise gas tax 10 cents to fix ailing roads

Image by Flickr user bitzciet

If you've every wondered why the roads in South Carolina are so much worse than the ones in our neighboring states, the reason is simple: We don't pay as much for them. 

The South Carolina Department of Transportation receives about one-quarter of the funding per mile as the national average, and a large part of that is thanks to having the fourth lowest gas tax in the nation, and the lowest in the Southeast.

Well according to this report at NBC News 2 that could soon change as  the state's Taxation Realignment Commission prepares to recommend an increase of the state's gas tax from 16.8 cents to 26.8 cents -- which would put us just above Georgia's 22.8 cents and North Carolina's 26.8.

But of course no one is expecting an easy time of passing a tax hike now or in South Carolina, check out NBC News 2's story over here.

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