Vision Airlines' disappointing weekend for MYR travelers

photo by flickr user randomduck

Despite excitement over MYR's newest low-fare direct-flight carrier, their lack of adequate customer service for stranded Grand Strand travelers has some no longer believing in the Vision.

Weekend Vision Airline flights were delayed and passengers were left without communication from the company about when they could expect to take off.  According to their website, their customer service line is only staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  But good news (yes, that's sarcasm), their reservation line takes calls seven days a week.

Sun News, WPDE, and WBTW all interviewed disgruntled customers affected by the delays.  The common frustration was a lack of information.  In this second WPDE story, the marketing director at MYR revealed that an airline's customer service record isn't considered when deciding whether or not they can fly in and out of the airport.  In this second Sun News article, we learn about a recent judgement and fines against Vision in an unrelated matter that may impact the company's financials, as a whole.

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