Teen Angel at North Myrtle Beach High School helps homeless teens

Teen Angel North Myrtle Beach High School on Facebook

Homelessness among teens in the Grand Strand is a bigger problem than some may expect.  Teen Angel is just one organization working to see these kids through high school and onto to productive practices seeing them through adulthood.  

From their Facebook page, Teen Angel is:

...a local organization that assists homeless and less fortunate North Myrtle Beach High School students by providing the little "luxuries" of teenage life, including schoolbooks, yearbooks, prom attire, personal care products, transportation to dentists and doctors, and so much more! These are students too old for foster care yet too young to do it all on their own, and they've made the tough decision to stay in school, despite the challenges, in hopes of a better future!

WBTW recently reported on a student they helped, who has now graduated and is working in a restaurant.  You can read that here.

We wrote an article about Project Lighthouse, a Myrtle Beach organization dedicated to assigning homeless teens in that area, earlier this year.  You can check that out here.