Inaccessibility of Mary Street garage's public restroom is causing a stink

Image by Flickr user Foomandoonian

You'd think that the City of Charleston could maintain one of the freakishly few public restrooms, but visitors, business owners and even the city's chief financial officer disprove that theory.

The public restroom located at the Mary Street parking garage is notorious for being out-of-order or locked. The city's chief financial officer said the facility was "never intended for high-volume use" and it has been a frequent victim of vandalism. Stolen keys, a broken toilet, toilet paper fires and more have caused the closure of the restroom on countless occasions.

In turn, the overflow of CARTA riders, drivers and visitors needing to answer the call of nature has been a problem for Hughes Lumber. The neighboring business's president has complained for years about the traffic that comes not to visit his business, but his bathroom.

The Post and Courier has an article on the baƱo blunders; read it here.

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