Wayward crocodile headed back to Florida

Image by flickr user WhotheheckareyouImage by crocodile.jpg Not the croc in question, but you can see why you wouldn't want to run into one of these guys in a dark alley.

A crocodile that washed up on the Isle of Palms recently was sent back to Florida on Wednesday. The reptile will join Gatorama, a wildlife education center in Palmdale, Fla. And it wasn't easy getting him on the truck, either, as The Post and Courier reports:

The legs of the 6-foot croc were cut free of hog ties, and it thrashed once, knocking three handlers off balance a moment. They wrestled it into a barred shipping crate in the bed of a pickup truck, with thick black tape wrapped snugly around its snout. Once in the crate, it settled down and stared through the blade-like slits of its eyes.

"Good boy," said reptile expert Roark Ferguson, slapping the crocodile's tail as it slithered into its crate.

The toothy reptile was snared near the Charleston County park pier after spending at least one winter in a Mount Pleasant pond.

It's uncertain exactly where the croc came from or how it ended up in the Lowcountry. But Live 5 News reports:

A sample of the crocodile's DNA will be taken to see if they can figure out where it came from. There is a possibility that it could have been bred at the very facility it is now returning to.

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