Beaufort Gazette: It's a bad idea to axe teacher incentive

The Beaufort Gazette says it's a terrible idea to freeze teacher incentives to get certified.

What I found most compeling about their story was this quote from S.C. superintendent for education Jim Rex:
These are tough economic times, and everyone is making sacrifices. While we value our National Board certified teachers and know that they are making a difference for students, a one-time reduction to their salary bonuses may well be necessary. But I don't think we should make long-term changes to South Carolina's incentive program unless those changes are part of a larger discussion about comprehensive reform to the way we pay all of our teachers.

True, after it's dead, it may never come back. But it's a lot easier for folks to swallow the death of a bonus, than the cutting of pay.

Go check out their whole argument.

Thanks to the Indigo Journal for tipping us off.

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