Clyburn, others bite back on oil drilling politics

In a sign that Democrats are holding the line on no offshore drilling, James Clyburn (Dem., S.C.) is making statements with other top-ranked democrats.

Read more stories on this subject in our oil topic page.According to a prepared statement:
“After nearly eight years of House Republicans rubber-stamping policies of the oil men in the White House that were hand-tailored by and for big oil, Americans are suffering under over $4-a gallon gas. Not only do these Republicans refuse to take responsibility for the failed energy policies of the past, but they are pushing the same old ‘drill only’ plan that will do nothing to bring down gas prices in the near-term.

Republicans, for their part, say the results would come much sooner.

Clyburn's statement continue to say Democrats believe it would be better to encourage oil companies to use land already available for drilling, tap national reserves, and to try and control oil speculation. (the oil speculation bill was blocked)

Clyburn's statement follows a similar (more detailed) statement by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Dem, Nev.) also spoke to the same effect.

Clyburn is the Majority Whip, the third-ranked Democrat in Washington, and his district covers much of the Charleston region but not Charleston itself.

The congressional ban on some offshore drilling must be renewed annually.

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