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Palmetto Pointe Blvd undergoing changes (Update: Grab-N-Go almost complete)

Update, 2/17/12:  While there is no official opening date, the Grab-N-Go at the end of Palmetto Pointe Boulevard is quickly nearly completion.

The plans for this convenience store were turned down by county officials in 2009, and when they were approved in 2010, area-residents expressed concern.  You can read more about it in this Sun News article.

What do you think?  Is the Grab-N-Go a needed amenity or will it cause more headaches than it's worth?

First report:  Palmetto Pointe Boulevard is the closest intersection to the Farrow Parkway overpass project. Any changes to that area can affect thousands of residents that live near the Backgate area of Myrtle Beach.

Palmetto Pointe is a dead-end road that is the only way into and out of dozens of neighborhoods, apartments, and condominiums near the Socastee area of Myrtle Beach. Driving to The Market Common from that area could potentially sit through several minutes worth of traffic lights. Worse- if you need gas or something from the convenience store, you'll have to double back through Socastee and turn their mile long commute into a 45 minute ordeal.

Fret not, Palmetto Pointe citizens. 

First, you can now cross straight over Bypass 17 and hook a left on Frontage Road for unfettered access to Eastbound Farrow Parkway. The businesses located along that road are looking forward to more access to potential customers driving by. See the map on this story for an idea of how the road is routed and check out the WBTW report for more details.

Secondly, a Grab-N-Go convenience mart and gas station is being constructed directly off Palmetto Pointe Boulevard. But not all Palmetto Pointe residents are happy about it. Just last year some residents petitioned against the development but Horry County Council gave the permits a nod anyway. Protestors say the convenience store will bring more traffic and crime to the area. 

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