Can you pass the tour guide test?

In order to be a tour guide in the City of Charleston you must receive a license that, among other things, requires you pass a written exam of 200 questions, and get at least 80 percent right. Once you pass that, you qualify for the oral test where a tour bus takes you to a random area of town where you must act as a competent guide for three minutes.

The questions are matching, multiple choice, and true and false. Live 5 News offers a few sample questions:

1. Charleston was founded in:

a. 1760
b. 1620
c. 1680
d. 1670

2. The Wentworth Mansion is an example of ____________ style architecture.

a. Federal
b. Georgian
c. Victorian
d. Adamesque

3. The first woman to have her picture in the City Hall Council Chamber was:

a. Martha Washington
b. Eleanor Roosevelt
c. Septima Clark
d. Anne Bonny

Read all five questions at their site, answers to 1, 2 and 3 are d, c, c.

I'm happy to report I got a 100.

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