Piano Woman: Vol 2

Season V Finale: Mademoiselle Musique
The Musical Life of Nadja Boulanger


with guest choreographers: Kristin Fieseler Alexander (Annex Dance Company), Marka Danielle (Ballet, Movement Therapy) and Jonathan Tabbert(Charleston Dance Institute, Ballet Evolution)

Mademoiselle Musique: The Musical Life of Nadja Boulanger

Music, Movement and Mixed Media collide at the Music Hall for a salute to one of the Grand Dames of Music History: Powerhouse Composer, Educator and Pianist Nadja Boulanger. Virtually unknown to modern audiences and many musicians, Boulanger was teacher to the stars of the modern music era – Aaron Copland, Quincy Jones, John Eliot Gardner, Elliot Carter, Philip Glass, Astor Piazzolla, and George Gershwin just to name a few.

UNED!TED – One of City Paper’s nominees for Best of Cultural Events – brings Nadja’s story to light through inventive choreography integrating dancers of mixed abilities, pop songs and music by the composer’s favorite artist – Claude Debussy. Imaginative sets, and video by Rob Gelber and Maggie Bailey compliment this interdisciplinary artistic evening as UNED!TED closes its fifth exciting season in Charleston, SC and announces season six.