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4:30 am on Sunday January 19, 2014

An updated look at Dick Stewart's vision for Beaufort

Last week word came that Nippy's restaurant would shut down, becoming an early indicator of the likely change for downtown Beaufort, with an epicenter on Nippy's former home, the Port Republic surface parking lot. 303 Associates founder Dick Stewart...
12:22 am on Friday January 6, 2012

Beaufort Olive Garden, Red Lobster now taking job applications

Flickr user ibm4381 The customary Olive Garden work outfit. We've received a good bit of interest on just when the coming Olive Garden-Red Lobster in Beaufort would start taking applications — and the answer is, now. Both spots are owned by Darden...
4:22 am on Monday August 22, 2011

What's planned for Lemon Island Marina?

Flickr user bawpcwpn The Island Packet has an update on what's planned for Lemon Island Marina. Long dormant afer being sold to 303 Associates, it looks like a plan to reopen the site to boats and fishermen is in the works. Read up on it here.
5:20 am on Thursday March 10, 2011

Olive Garden, Red Lobster go before Beaufort review board today for final approval

Via Hipsterrunoff A combined kitchen style space in Palm Coast, Florida. Plans for the Olive Garden/Red Lobster out in Beaufort Town Center go before a Beaufort review board for final approval today. The Island Packet has a blog post along with the...
2:33 pm on Monday January 31, 2011

Olive Garden, Red Lobster, 60 jobs planned for Beaufort Town Center (update: some details)

Via Hipsterrunoff A combined kitchen style space in Palm Coast, Florida. Update January 31: While the planning approval is still underway for the Olive Garden-Red Lobster in Beaufort, similar units are being built in other parts of the country....
9:13 am on Wednesday December 1, 2010

On what's next for the Beaufort Olive Garden and, yes, jobs (update: Here's what it would look like)

Flickr user jphilipg Updated Dec. 1: So we were hopping around the Interwebs (read as Facebook) and we came across the Beaufort Town Center fanpage, which on Nov. 10 posted renderings of what the Olive Garden-Red Lobster combo would look like.  So...