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10:18 am on Monday October 5, 2009

More concern that arsenic is leaking into water supply from coal-power waste

Image by Flickr user xjyxjy Image by 20091005-coal.jpg Consultants have discovered high levels of arsenic in the ground just outside the boundary of a coal ash waste pond at a power plant near Columbia. The State has the scoop on what's going on....
9:42 am on Tuesday March 10, 2009

Coal-ash road project backfires creates public concern

A project that was supposed to showcase an innovative use for a coal byproduct, has instead upset the rural community near Tobacco Road. [gmap markers=blue::33.373867851099774,-79.9094545841217 |zoom=10 |center=33.38673294052008,-79.92965698242188...
3:58 am on Wednesday October 29, 2008

Recycling efforts provide silver lining for coal power waste

In a sort of silver lining to the woes of coal power: A sizable chunk of the waste ash produced by coal-fired power pants can be reused for things like concrete. And while it falls short of making the electricity production carbon-neutral, it does...
3:37 am on Monday October 27, 2008

Coal power: What to do about all the toxic ash

Image by Flickr user The TardigradeImage by 20081026ash.jpg With all the heated exchanges over what to do about spent fuel from nuclear power, the coal power problem has been all but swept under the rug. And for once we're not talking about the air...