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8:13 am on Tuesday September 6, 2011

With DMO issue settled, city and county look for more oversight for Beaufort's tourism efforts

TheDigitel It appears the DMO issue has been worked out for northern Beaufort County, the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce will continue to receive the area's tourism dollars to promote the region. But with that the city of Beaufort and county...
4:30 am on Thursday September 1, 2011

A new Beaufort DMO? Not so fast (update: Never mind)

TheDigitel Update Sept. 1: Ends up the Beaufort Chamber and VCB have decided not to split after all.  Is this the best decision for Beaufort? Well time certainly will tell. But it's indeed time to put all of this behind us and focus on what's...
6:21 pm on Tuesday August 23, 2011

Who should dole out Beaufort's tourism grants?

TheDigitel As if Beaufort's tourism funding issues weren't confusing enough, now this: The City Council wants to reconsider how it hands out its Tourism Development Advisory Committee dollars. This money comes from the same pool that goes to the...
9:40 am on Tuesday July 12, 2011

Are cameras bound for downtown Beaufort and Waterfront Park? (update: A bit more on the tourism front)

Flickr user zigazou76 Updated July 12: Well maybe this whole tourism/DMO thing isn't going to be that easy after all.  In his weekly email blast Mayor Billy Keyserling drew a comparison between a recent analysis of funding of the city's police and...
10:30 am on Tuesday March 1, 2011

Busy times ahead for the Beaufort Chamber/VCB

TheDigitel It's a busy, busy week for the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitor and Convention Bureau. First off the chamber/VCB is moving its staff offices down to the Carnegie Building and The Aresenal. You might remember that a few...