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9:00 am on Monday June 13, 2011

Hazing practices, regulation at The Citadel come under scrutiny

Image by Flickr user TravlrConcerned parents and former Citadel cadets have sparked a new dialogue into how well The Citadel, Charleston's military college, controls hazing practices and harassment on campus. According to The Citadel's commandant of...
3:29 am on Tuesday October 27, 2009

Citadel cadets gone wild

Image by Flickr user juan.barredoImage by 20091027-cadets.jpg Unfortunately, they can't blame this Sunday's behavior on graduation.Numerous Citadel cadets partied a little too hard on Sunday, resulting in two arrests and a rash of disorderly...
3:58 am on Thursday August 27, 2009

The realities of being a Citadel freshman

Image by Flickr user His Noodly AppendageImage by 20090827-cadet.jpg The Post and Courier has an article on the trials and tribulations that face incoming freshmen at The Citadel. The military college lost 62 cadets before classes started, hell week...