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3:41 am on Thursday October 27, 2011

Sonoco Recycling to bring $1 million investment, 15 jobs to North Charleston

Image by Flickr user krygeneBased out of Hartsville, Sonoco Recycling has broken ground on a new recycling plant on the Charleston Neck that will bring a $1 million investment and expand the company's South Carolina payroll by 15 to 215. The...
2:10 pm on Tuesday April 20, 2010

Charleston County now offering curbside recycling of cardboard

Image by Flickr user patrick h. lauke Frustrated you can't recycle cardboard with your cans, glass, and paper? Well good news, you now can in Charleston County. The change is no doubt being pushed by the county's need to hit 40% recycling of...
2:47 pm on Monday August 17, 2009

A mini-guide on how to recycle in Charleston

Image by Flickr user zakwitnij Image by 20090817-cardboard.jpg Spurred by a local's recent decision to leave a sizable pile of recyclable cardboard on the curb, Go Green Charleston has penned a piece that serves as a good how-to recycle in...