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7:33 am on Saturday December 12, 2009

Gitmo detainees seem unlikely to be placed in Charleston

A leaked White House memo, if it holds steady, kills the notion that Gitmo detainees would be brought to Charleston's Naval Brig. Read more stories on this subject in our Guantanamo topic page.Instead it seems the detainees will be housed in an...
6:00 am on Sunday March 22, 2009

Al-Marri moved from Charleston

After his release on bond was denied last week, Ali al-Marri has been moved from Charleston's Navy brig to a federal prison in Pekin, Illinois. [gmap markers=blue::40.57015381856105,-89.637451171875 |zoom=4 |center=41.244772343082076,-88.9453125 |...
6:08 am on Sunday March 15, 2009

Charleston has practiced for years to be Gitmo

The Charleston Navy brig is still on the short list of new homes for some or all of Guantanamo's detainees, and The Post and Courier has an extensive look at how the Charleston facility has handled housing the nation's only so-called enemy combatant...
8:51 am on Tuesday March 10, 2009

Al-Marri served warrant, taken into custody (updated)

Update March 10: The Post and Courier has details from this morning's hearing in Charleston. Looks like al-Marri will be staying at the brig for the time being, only in "civilian" custody. First reporting: As expected, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri has...
12:12 pm on Friday March 6, 2009

Ruling means al-Marri due to leave Charleston's Naval brig

Image by International Committee of the Red CrossImage by 20090406-marri2.jpg Ali Al-Marri.Today the U.S. Supreme Court vacated a lower court's ruling that the President can indefinitely detain legal U.S. residents without charge. The court was...