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8:05 am on Tuesday September 28, 2010

Charleston Water System approves three year, 15 percent rate hike

Image by Flickr user Kristian MBeginning December 1st, Charleston Water System customers will start feeling the effects of three year, 15 percent hike in rate hikes. The rate changes, approved this morning, are expected to bring in over $4.5 million...
8:20 am on Friday July 2, 2010

Charleston Water System resumes fluoridation of tap water

Image by Flickr user TF28Charleston Water System will resume adding fluoride to their water supply for the first time since November of 2008. Charleston Water System stopped adding fluoride in November 2008 after discovering a leak in the fluoride...
4:01 am on Thursday May 6, 2010

Rising temperature to blame for strange taste in water

Image by Flickr user TF28If you've noticed a strange smell or taste to your tap water lately, you're not crazy. Algae has been thriving the Bushy Park Reservoir, the source for most of the Charleston Water System's supply. The recent rise in...
3:47 am on Monday January 11, 2010

With sewage tunnel of the brink of failure, West Ashley seeks $16 million for repairs

Image by Flickr user Elsie esq. Charleston Water System officials are seeking $16 million to complete work on a stretch of West Ashley's two-mile sewage tunnel that is in imminent danger of capacity and structural failure.
4:42 am on Wednesday January 6, 2010

When conservation doesn’t pay: the rising cost of water bills

Image by Flickr user stop that pigeon!It seems counter intuitive, even ironic that the cost of a water bill would rise the more a household conserved, but this is exactly the case for customers of Mount Pleasant Waterworks who have been issued a 9...