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4:45 am on Tuesday September 27, 2011

City of Conway appreciates and supports local vendors, contractors

TheDigitel MYR Conway City Council is giving priority to businesses in the city limits that place bids on contract work. Even though Conway isn't obligated to take the lowest bid on a project, a new ordinance weights bids in the favor of companies...
4:50 am on Tuesday July 19, 2011

Haley signs bill in Conway; Blasts negative press

Haley was in Conway yesterday to sign a bill that reverses a Supreme Court ruling on home builders' insurance covering them in the event a contractor does poor or faulty work. But the media wasn't too interested in the bill. The Sun News has more...
5:06 am on Thursday March 24, 2011

Workshops aimed at helping Beaufort contractors find work

Flickr user Big Giant Squirrel Two workshops have been announced with a goal of helping small businesses secure a chunk of regional construction projects. The first is being held by the Beaufort County School District from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight at...