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8:55 am on Wednesday October 2, 2013

Study: SC drivers more likely to hit a deer

An insurance report shows that drivers face a greater chance of hitting a deer on South Carolina's roadways than in most other states.
8:21 am on Tuesday September 3, 2013

Coyotes are on the rise across the state, but worries may be down

Coyotes first appeared in South Carolina in 1978 and can now be found in every county even though the state has taken to a war on the invasive animal and ferral hogs, The Post and Courier writes that perhaps the coyote can be lived with. Take a read...
5:51 am on Wednesday October 27, 2010

Deer meets untimely end this morning on Meeting Street

Image by Flickr user Tambako the JaguarA rogue deer meet an unhappy ending on Meeting Street early this morning. An 8-point buck was spotted darting across Meeting Street around 9 a.m. In hopes of protecting the deer until animal control arrived,...
4:10 am on Monday August 9, 2010

By deer and dove: Hunting season nearly here in South Carolina

Image by Flickr user e_monk Just a few more weeks until the seasons open again and Tommy Braswell has a nice rundown about what you need to know and upcoming eventst; take a read over a The Post and Courier. And just a month until alligator hunting...
12:00 pm on Monday October 5, 2009

Hunter mistakenly kills donkey thinking it was a deer

Image by Flickr user GlisglisImage by 20091005-donkey.jpg No donkeys were harmed in the shooting of this photograph. Yep, you read that right: A man has shot a donkey after he thought it was a deer.
7:27 am on Thursday March 12, 2009

Charleston man pays huge penalties for importing deer into S.C.

Image by Flickr user law_keven Image by 20090312-deer.jpg James Schaffer of Charleston has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars after he pleaded guilty to illegally importing 54 deer in to South Carolina back in 2005. Our state prohibits the...
2:24 pm on Monday September 22, 2008

Deer heads downtown, goes for swim in Colonial Lake

Image by Flickr user pamzpix Image by 20080922deer.jpg A deer made it's way downtown today, eventually running down Rutledge Avenue and into Colonial Lake, where rescue workers spent several hours trying to rescue it. [gmap markers=blue::32....