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2:10 am on Wednesday November 5, 2014

McRib was born thanks to a Charleston trip

Whatever your feelings on McDonald's McRib are, you should know it was inspired by a plate of real ribs had in Charleston.
1:00 am on Friday April 5, 2013

Green Grubbin’ Brings Healthy Fast Food to Myrtle Beach

Three lifelong friends are bringing healthy dining options to Myrtle Beach area residents and tourists with their new restaurant called Green Grubbin’. Green Grubbin’ is a “fresh food fast” restaurant that recently opened on Kings Highway near 8th ...
11:24 pm on Tuesday April 2, 2013

Fast Food Hamburger Restaurant Closed in Murrells Inlet

A fast food franchise hamburger restaurant that opened in 2005 in Murrells Inlet has closed. Krystal Hamburgers, which opened its first and only Grand Strand location in 2005 at 3120 U.S. 17 Business in Murrells Inlet, closed for good on Sunday, a...
2:23 am on Monday July 30, 2012

Petition aims to block Chick-fil-A at College of Charleston

Image by Flickr user "Adam KubanThe national same-sex chicken debate is growing in Charleston, too. There's been much national discussion following comments by Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy that the restaurant chain was "supportive of the biblical...
12:56 pm on Friday March 2, 2012

Plans for McDonald's on downtown Savannah shopping street; What about Beaufort?

City of Savannah The proposed Savannah spot. (Updates at the bottom.) Plans are moving ahead to build a non-drive through McDonald's on historic downtown Savannah's iconic shopping street, Broughton Street, and they're not without controversy. The ...
3:28 pm on Monday December 20, 2010

More evolved design turning up in fast food architecture

Image by Flickr user Ikayama While the food may still lean on the over salted side, higher skill levels of architecture seem to be working their way into the design of area fast food locations. In that vein Robert Behre over at The Post and Courier...
6:09 am on Tuesday December 15, 2009

Another would-be fast food robbery foiled in West Ashley

Image by Flickr user Matt McGee Maybe the fries double as poison darts? Two weeks after a McDonald's cashier reverse intimidated a would-be-robber, The Post and Courier reports that another robbery of a West Ashley fast food joint was foiled. Get...
3:10 am on Friday December 11, 2009

Raw footage: Goose Creek Captain D's destroyed by fire

Image by Flickr user hattiesburgmemory The Captain D's on U.S. 52 in Goose Creek is no more, flames engulfed it during the early morning hours of Friday, December 11.  But a cameraman from NBC News 2 was there and has 5 minutes of raw footage of...
4:03 pm on Wednesday June 3, 2009

Fast food freebies

Image by Flickr user aperture_lag Image by 20090603-free.jpg The magic word.Hoping to bring more business into their Charleston-area stores, Sonic and Chick-fil-A are offering free food give-aways. The deals run one a day from Monday, June 8,...
10:37 am on Tuesday February 3, 2009

Charleston-based restaurant group acquires 40 new locations

Image by Flickr by john-pittsburghImage by 424796532_610245e207.jpg Americans have made important strides in the culinary world. As seekers of food information, we have cultivated hundreds of food-centric blogs and Web sites. And as eaters, we are...