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4:08 pm on Wednesday June 19, 2013

SC-31 to be extended and Hwy 707 to get wider

The Horry County Council is moving forward with the extension of SC-31 from Highway 544 to Highway 707, an additional 3.8 miles. The other major road project approved is the widening of Highway 707 at "Enterprise Road (S-26-926) in Horry County to...
8:04 am on Tuesday July 24, 2012

Highway 31 construction on hold (update: maybe some day)

C.A. Muller Update 7/24/2012: Remember when we reported last year that the 31 South construction would resume in the summer? Um, yeah. Summer is here and the grass grows taller on the stretch of groomed land at Highway 544 and 31. WMBF asks, "What...
11:27 am on Sunday August 28, 2011

Dealing with dump trucks around Myrtle Beach

Flickr user Loki69 There are numerous large scale construction projects going on along the Grand Strand right now. One side effect is sharing the road with convoys of dump trucks. Just this weekend a dump truck tipped over on to another car on...