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3:29 am on Sunday October 25, 2009

Where unemployment, impeachment, and Boeing converge

Image by Flickr user pete halupka Image by 20091025-trees.jpg Update October 25: Adding fuel to the Sanford fire, The State has published a piece critical of Sanford's priorities during his second term. First reporting: With S.C.'s Legislature...
11:25 am on Sunday October 11, 2009

The latest on the Gov. Mark Sanford saga

In the last few days, there have been no new developments in the ongoing saga of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford, but The Post and Courier has piece that does a good job rounding out the latest situation. 
4:41 am on Sunday September 20, 2009

Debating Sanford impeachment, incumbents look to their own re-election

Image by Flickr user Richard Boltin Image by 20090920-statehouse.jpg S.C. House members are closely monitoring Sanford's "toxicity" as they start to think about staying in office after the 2010 election. The State has a good article on some of the...
2:39 am on Monday September 14, 2009

Sanford's future hangs with ethics findings

Despite his own party now pushing for him to go, Gov. Mark Sanford has remained just as resolute about staying in office. Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.It increasingly appears that the governor may be forced out,...
5:04 am on Wednesday September 2, 2009

A shift in tone in the battle to impeach Sanford

There's been a shift in the subtext about our governor. Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.It used to be about how Mark Sanford is staying put and will weather the storm. Now it's more about how long can Sanford hang...
9:28 am on Tuesday August 25, 2009

House GOP to discuss Sanford impeachment

South Carolina House Republicans are having their annual pow-wow this weekend in Myrtle Beach. The main topic of discussion? The possible impeachment of Mark Sanford.  The Post and Courier has the wire story.
4:22 am on Sunday August 23, 2009

Maybe Sanford shouldn't be impeached, but it may still be time for him to go

South Carolina's constitution says that impeachment requires "serious crimes or serious misconduct."  Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.While Gov. Mark Sanford's behavior has been seriously inept, it's a bit of...