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12:01 pm on Sunday June 1, 2014

Invasive Benghal dayflower found in Beaufort County

The "tropical spiderwort" is bad news for Lowcountry farmers.
8:21 am on Tuesday September 3, 2013

Coyotes are on the rise across the state, but worries may be down

Coyotes first appeared in South Carolina in 1978 and can now be found in every county even though the state has taken to a war on the invasive animal and ferral hogs, The Post and Courier writes that perhaps the coyote can be lived with. Take a read...
8:31 am on Thursday October 1, 2009

Santee Cooper plans aerial spraying to fight invasive lilies

Image by USGSImage by 20091001-usgs.jpg Santee Cooper will be spraying 350 acres of Lake Marion with an herbicide to slow the spread of an invasive lilly from Asia. Here are details; from a press release: Santee Cooper plans to treat areas of Lake...