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3:41 am on Thursday October 27, 2011

Sonoco Recycling to bring $1 million investment, 15 jobs to North Charleston

Image by Flickr user krygeneBased out of Hartsville, Sonoco Recycling has broken ground on a new recycling plant on the Charleston Neck that will bring a $1 million investment and expand the company's South Carolina payroll by 15 to 215. The...
5:00 am on Friday December 3, 2010

Restaurants, bars see hope for trash mounds as Charleston re-evaluates recycling pickup

Image by Flickr user cafemama You think you pile up a lot of bottles and cans?Following the shutdown of the Charleston County trash incinerator, the county is working hard to achieve a new way to deal with all its trash: recycling 40% of all would-...