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12:30 pm on Thursday September 24, 2009

'This is Chucktown!' The laughs go on at Theatre 99

Image by 20090924-comedy.jpgThe seasons are shifting but Theatre 99 is still at it with several shows this weekend that will make you smile (and maybe even shout). On Friday, September 25, they're hosting the new improv show "The Pinata," where...
4:26 pm on Saturday August 2, 2008

Media dig, find out agency was aware of 'so gay' ads

Image by Flickr user Just Taken PicsImage by 20080802_digging.jpg Looks like the media will keep digging until they're hands our a bloody mess on this one. 'So gay' and 'So won't die'. Using the Freedom of Information Act, several news organizations...
7:18 pm on Wednesday July 23, 2008

Stephen Colbert flaming over 'so gay' South Carolina

The dust has pretty well settled over the 'South Carolina is so gay' ad, but Colbert wanted to get his say in on the matter. A pretty entertaining say, at that. There are really just too many great quotes to pick. Read more stories on this subject...