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4:20 am on Sunday June 17, 2012

After prenuptial, Tom Berenger files lawsuit against Beaufort lawyer

Tom Berenger in The Big Chill from 1983. Beaufort lawyer Dean Bell has a lawsuit aimed at him by actor Tom Berenger for his assistance with a revised prenuptial agreement for Berneger's 3rd wife. Berneger — from films like The Big Chill (filmed...
9:48 am on Tuesday August 18, 2009

Woman gets $2 million after 13 teeth accidentally extracted

Image by Flickr user Old Shoe WomanImage by 20090818-teeth.jpg A 28-year-old Sumter woman has been awarded $2 million in a malpractice lawsuit against a dental clinic that mistakenly pulled 13 of her upper teeth. Seriously? Go read the story over at...