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9:19 pm on Tuesday April 12, 2011

The Drag: A retrospective

Flickr user yurilong You'd be hard pressed to find a 30-something that lived in Myrtle Beach during the 90's doesn't at least know of The Drag.  Most of those people are also fans to this day. But not everyone knows who they are and the roller...
5:42 am on Saturday March 5, 2011

Three decades, a travel piece on Beaufort is surprisingly on the mark

Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel Today or years ago? Hard to say. While doing our regular cruising for interesting Beaufort stories, I happened upon a 2,000-word travel piece on our sleepy town in 'The New York Times'. Published just a month shy of a 30-year...
5:30 am on Thursday December 31, 2009

A photographic look back through the past 12 months

Image by Flickr user 7E55E-BRNThe State has put together a photo gallery that takes a look back at 2009 through the lenses of their staff photographers. South Carollina sports, food, entertainment, culture and more are represented by some stunning...