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7:30 am on Thursday April 9, 2009

James Island says no to I-526; new options forthcoming

Image by Flickr user Eduardo Amorim Image by 20090409-526.jpg Picture the rider as plans for I-526, and the horse as the Town of James Island, in short: It's not looking good for I-526. At Wednesday's meeting, James Island Town Council voted 5-0 to...
8:41 am on Friday February 27, 2009

Meeting 'could make or break I-526's extension'

The Coastal Conservation League is urging interested citizens to attend the next Town of James Island meeting where a vote is to be made on the future of I-526's expansion. That meeting is at Tuesday, March 3, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall at 1238 Camp...
7:25 am on Friday November 28, 2008

DHEC gives thumbs up to next stretch of Berlin Myers Parkway

[gmap line=#000000/2/.5:33.002905178377304 , -80.18526077270508 + 32.997146486287726 , -80.19453048706055 + 32.98778781002317 , -80.21324157714844 + 32.981308145126434 , -80.23195266723633 |zoom=11 |center=33.00866349457555,-80.19813537597656 |width...
6:55 am on Sunday November 16, 2008

Latest designs to extend I-526 to James Island emerge

Image by 20081115-i526.jpg No less than 17 possible routes are proposed to extend I-526 from West Ashley to James Island. And, as is expected, people are all ruffled about it: Where's it going to go? It will be bad for growth. It will be good for...
8:14 am on Thursday October 16, 2008

Block of Queen Street to be closed for four weeks

The block of Queen Street between King and Meeting streets will be closed on Monday, October 20, for about four weeks. [gmap markers=blue::32.77814623163837,-79.93206024169922 |zoom=15 |center=32.77901219709542,-79.9315881729126 |width=220px |...
9:17 pm on Monday June 16, 2008

Oil prices blunting road projects

Image by flickr user rickImage by 20080617roadwork.jpg Not only do roadwork machines run off expensive oil, a primary part of asphalt is crude oil. It shouldn't come as much surprise but the rising price of oil is really hindering our ability to...