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1:52 am on Wednesday July 20, 2011

Beaufort City Council special election is here (Update: O'Kelley wins, paltry turnout)

Flickr user pierrotsomepeople Official unofficial results: George O'Kelley has indeed won, and in a landslide at that.  Almost as notable as the winner was the extremely modest turnout of 12.3% with 868 votes cast of a possible 7,053.  Holman...
7:00 am on Thursday July 14, 2011

Get to know the three candidates for late Beaufort City Council (update: forum coverage)

Flickr user pierrotsomepeople Updated July 14: The Island Packet has coverage of last night's candidate forum for the vacant Beaufort City Council seat. Of the three candidates for the seat only Larry Holman did not show up. You can read the...
8:11 am on Sunday June 5, 2011

Three file to fill seat of late Beaufort Councilman Gary Fordham

Flickr user pierrotsomepeople Update June 5: Well, that's it, the filling window has closed to fill the seat of late Beaufort City Councilman Gary Fordham. And the three are George O'Kelley, Larry Holman and Ron Petit. I'll shoot you over to...