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6:52 am on Thursday November 17, 2011

Two Horry County charities find themselves on the Scrooges and Angels list

photo by flickr user bl0ndeeo2 When donating to a charity, you want to believe the majority of your contribution goes right to the cause, right? The South Carolina Secretary of State's Office has released their annual list of angels and scrooges,...
7:14 am on Wednesday September 28, 2011

Coastal Uncorked cleared by SC Secretary of State

Flickr user Cecko Hanssen The South Carolina Secretary of State, Mark Hammond has cleared Coastal Uncorked of any violations of not donating enough of the festival's proceeds towards charity.  "The Secretary of State's investigation into Coastal...
2:06 am on Thursday September 2, 2010

Ever wanted to be a notary public in South Carolina? September 16 is your big chance

Image by Flickr user David Gallagher Ever wanted to become a certifier of agreements and oaths, you know like wedding certificates? Well your big chance will be Thursday, September 16, at Trident Technical College's Main Campus Building 920 (map...
2:02 pm on Tuesday June 9, 2009

S.C. Secretary of State's office is under attack!

Image by Flickr user zeusandheraImage by 20090609-bats.jpg There has been a report of a large bat that has entered the the South Carolina Secretary of State's office, and it is taking hostages. Not really, but the bat is indeed scaring the...