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12:51 pm on Monday March 30, 2009

Six stories in today's State, but jury's still out on death of local reporting

Image by Flickr user just.Luc Image by 20090330-newspapers.jpg Tim Kelly of The Indigo Journal writes that today's edition of The State contains six staff-written stories. It's a sad and poignant example of declining newspaper ad revenue and...
5:23 am on Friday March 20, 2009

The State's great political cartoonist is leaving (updated)

Image by The StateImage by 20090318-ariail.jpg Update March 20: Well, it's a done deal. Ariail has a fun parting cartoon and Brad Warthen has written a parting column about Ariail and what he meant. Go take a read. First reporting: After he was told...
3:28 am on Monday October 27, 2008

The State explains their pick of McCain

The State's Brad Warthen elaborates on why they endorsed McCain over Obama: I’ve made it clear many times that I thought we should have done so in 2000 (in the GOP primary). And my belief in his suitability remains undiminished, despite much that...